Saturday, January 22nd, 2022
Mutual Aid to Halfmoon on Hudson River Rd, for a 2nd Alarm Structure fire, Units on scene had a smoke condition on arrival. Units Responded: 66-1 Time of call 6:26 AM Units back in service 8:02 AM
Monday, January 17th, 2022
In area of Haughney rd in Schaghticoke, Units requesting Waterford to provide a Ladder to the scene, prior to units calling enroute, they were advised to hold in station. Time of call: 12:46 PM Units ...
Monday, January 17th, 2022
Area of 1st Street caller reporting water in basement and water coming from upstairs Units Responded: 64, 64-9, 64-2, 64-1 Time of call 12:54 PM Units back in service: 1:52 PM
Sunday, January 16th, 2022
National Grid reported a possible CO Leak on 4th Street, First arriving units had readings of over 600ppm of CO in the basement Units responded: 64, 64-9, 64-1, 67-1 Time of call 4:10 PM Units Back in...
Fire did extensive damage to a two-story home at 108 Third St. on Tuesday morning in Waterford. Several fire companies from southern Saratoga County and Boght from the town of Colonie responded to the...
Fire Prevention

The Waterford Fire Department provides fire prevention services to the Village and Town of Waterford, through a variety of services


Public Education

 The Waterford Fire Department provides public education to the community through a number of activities. The Fire Department places a focus on reaching the children of the community through programs delivered at the local schools. Public Education is also accomplished by attending community events to provide information and demonstrations of Fire Department capabilities.We also host the community during Fire Prevention week in October annually.

Pre-Incident Planning

The Waterford Fire Department conducts pre-incident planning activities on target hazards within the district. The purpose of pre-incident planning is to recognize barriers, and hazards to firefighting activities. Through the completion of pre-incident planning, the response to an incident will be aided by having vital information available to all responders and incident commanders. This practice leads to safer and more efficient emergency responses to target hazards.


If you would like to plan for a presentation please feel free to contact us.

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