Recent Calls
Thu. Sep 14th 2017
Mutual Aid - Structure Fire

Alarm time: 19:20  Location: Pleasantdale Fire District.   Request for Waterford to respond to a Structure fir...

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Mon. Sep 11th 2017
Fire Alarm Activation - Residential

Alarm time: 10:42  Location: Mallards Landing   Daytime Mutual Aid Agreement with Halfmoon FD

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Thu. Aug 31st 2017
Traumatic Injury

Alarm time: 09:28  Location: Hudson River Rd.    FD dispatched with Waterford Rescue Squad for a male rep...

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News Headlines
Sat. Jul 23rd 2011
Fund Raiser for Victims of Momentive Explosion

Fund Raiser for Victims of Momentive Explosion Sat. Jul 23rd 2011 4:00pm-7pm The F.B. Peck Hose Co. will be hosting ...

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Wed. Feb 16th 2011
Open House April 9th for Waterford Fire Department

Waterford Fire Department will be participating in the Statewide Fire Recruitment Open House campaign for April 9th and 10th ...

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Sun. Feb 13th 2011
Pancake Breakfast-Northside Fire

Feb 27th 9am till 12 noon $6 adults $5 children/senior All you can eat! Pancakes,bacon,sausage,water,juice,coffee

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As part of various technical rescue training we conduct, high angle rope rescue is essential to our specific area due to cliffs and the locks within our district. Specialized equipment and training hours allow us to work on skills and be ready to respond to calls.We try to change the training locations up a bit as each location poses new challenges and techniques which hone our skill sets. 









Some upcoming bridge closings for the Waterford area for July and August 2017. Plan alternate travel routes accordingly. Note these are consecutive weekends of Friday through Sunday days of closure.

Waterford / Cohoes bridge:
July 7-9
July 12-16
July 21-23
July 28-30

Waterford/Troy bridge ( postponed til Septmber 2017)
August 4-6
August 11-13
August 18-20
August 25-27




We wish to thank our fellow First Responders and Mutual Aid agencies who took time to come assist us at a working residential structure fire on First Street today on this Christmas Day. Northsides FB Peck Hose Co, Halfmoon Fire, Boght FD and Mechanicville FD on scene. And to West Crescent FD and Maplewood FD for their standing by in our stations. With prompt and professional response in our call for mutual aid , no injuries and the rescue of 2 homeowners pet cats it goes to show the dedication of the Volunteer Fire Service through ongoing skills training and deployment and TEAMWORK. Everyone went home safe which is job one.. Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!



12/25/2016 W.Redick




Name of Product: KN-COSM-IB Hardwired Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Concern: When the alarm reaches the end of its useful life, it issues an end of life chirp every thirty seconds. If the battery is replaced when the unit is at its end of life, and the test button is pressed within 10 seconds thereafter, the unit will no longer issue an end of life chirp.

Consumer Contact:
Kidde toll-free at 855-239-0490 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at and click on “Product Safety Notice” for more information


Tug Boat Round Up 2016

September 9th -11th from 5pm Friday till 4 pm Sunday will see Ladder Company sponsoring and hosting Troy Lobster food booth along the canal near Peeble Island Bridge. Come down and support the CH Kavanaugh Hool & Ladder Company fund raiser and enjoy some Lobster,Crab and Shrimp Rolls and Seafood Chowder.


Safe Child ID program at Tug Boat Roundup 2016

WFD will be hosting the Saratoga County  SafeChild ID program at Lock 2 on Saturday.

Parent or Legal Guardian is required to be present with  children.

Lock 2 area
Waterford Fire Department as part of its' Community Outreach campaign will be hosting two
Safe Child ID events in the community.These are based on a first come,first serve basis.There is
no charge or fee.A parent or Guardian is required to be present during the session.

Saturday September 10th at Lock 2, WFD Fire Prevention Booth from 11am til 3pm. Tug Boat Roundup 2016
Wednesday October 12th ,from6pm to 9pm , Ford Hose Company Stn 2, 68 Division St,Waterford NY

The main purpose of the program is to capture identifying information about your child on a SAFE CHILD card.
The same information is stored in a statewide database. The storage of this information is entirely voluntary
and requires the written consent of a parent or legal guardian.

In addition to quickly providing important details to police agencies investigating child disappearances, the
SAFE CHILD card can be used in conjunction with the NYS AMBER Alert and Missing Child Alert programs.
If a child goes missing, the SAFE CHILD program allows their information to be electronically disseminated
within minutes, significantly increasing the possibility of bringing a missing child home.

The information is stored in a database at the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).
When DCJS receives a missing child report, the fingerprints of that child are compared against all 
incoming fingerprints submitted to DCJS. A parent or lawful guardian can request that the information 
be purged from the database at any time. When a child turns 18, the fingerprints are automatically purged from the database.






June 2nd 2016

WFD members ,Town and Village officials and friends and family members attended a gathering to thank Chief Don Baldwin for
his tenure of Leadership of the Waterford Fire Deparment. With 2 years as Department Chief and 4 years as Assistant Chief ,there was quite a bit
of progress made in many areas behind the scenes and Firematically.As with every Fire Chief before him, senior officers have a responsibility to groom and prepare
the future line and Chiefs offers who come after him. A special thanks to his family for letting us take up some of his time away from his family and friends
to fulfill his duties as Chief Of Department.




Structure Fire Wed. Dec 30th 2015

Alarm time: 03:21  Location: Broad St.   Initial request for the Fire Dept. for a structure fire, reported by a passing patrol unit as fully involved.   Units arrived to find the 2nd floor of the building fully involved, flames blowing out the front 2 windows and the rear of the building with a significant exposure problem on both sides. Crews entered the structure with handlines and were pushed back by intense heat, flames and unstable flooring on the 2nd floor. A defensive, external operation began with handlines and master streams from T-661.  Mutual Aid was supplied from the Northside Fire District, Halfmoon FD, Boght FD for a FAST Team, Mechanicville FD standing by in Kavanaugh Hook & Ladder Co,, Maplewood FD standing by the Northside Station, and West Albany FD for the Mobile Air unit.  Investigation was completed by the Saratoga County Cause and Origin team.  



2016 Line Officers



Captain Steven McNaughton  KHL
Captain Brian Mc Mahon  KSC
Captain Nick Cook Sr  JWF
Lt Steve Mc Naughton  KHL
Lt William Balfe  KSC
Lt Zach Lenegar  JWF
Lt Mike Koblensky KHL
Lt Jim Norris  KSC
Lt Greg Willetts JWF



 August 23 2015

Waterford Fire Department conducted Rope Rescue training at Lock 2. The Instructor was Mr. Bob Day


















Recent Calls
Thu. Sep 14th 2017
Alarm time: 19:20  Location: Pleasantdale Fire District.   Request for Waterford to respond to a Structure fire, First arriving units determined the fire was out and cancelled all mutual Aid companies 
Mon. Sep 11th 2017
Alarm time: 10:42  Location: Mallards Landing   Daytime Mutual Aid Agreement with Halfmoon FD
Thu. Aug 31st 2017
Alarm time: 09:28  Location: Hudson River Rd.    FD dispatched with Waterford Rescue Squad for a male reported to have his arm stuck in a milling machine. 
Sun. Aug 27th 2017
Alarm time: 12:01   Location: Middletown Rd at Waterford Halfmoon High School    Report of a Motor Vehicle Crash.   Car 64, 64-9, U-642, F-662 and ER-671 responded to find a 2 car crash, 1 vehicle was in the travel lane, the 2nd in the ditch on the West shoulder. &...
Sun. Aug 27th 2017
Alarm time: 00:45  Location: Hudson River Rd.  Commercial CO Alarm and a Burg alarm,  Car 64-9 and F-662 responded, PD on scene.  No signs of a break in, No key holder, all FD units cleared without accessing the building.  Will check with the business in the morning.
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